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Kollega is a digital consultation platform for medical professionals that is used by over 40% of doctors and dentists in Finland. For advertisers, Kollega Ads offers a unique opportunity to reach medical audiences in a trusted professional context. Since all users in the platform are verified doctors and dentists, advertisers can reach the audiences they want with pinpoint accuracy.

Reach doctors

Reach doctors and dentists effectively

Kollega is a medical consultation platform that is used by almost 13 000 Finnish doctors and dentists. Over 2 500 unique users visit the service every week to read, answer and post consultations on clinical and other professional topics.

Flexible ad formats

Kollega Ads offers several ad spaces and formats inside the Kollega app to choose from. Contents can vary from static images to storylines and videos. The ads are designed to coexist with the app content in a well-designed balance.

Associated with each ad space is a targeting scheme that displays the ad to relevant users at the best possible moment. For further information, the ads can link the users to an existing product page or a fresh landing page made specifically for your campaign.

Flexible ad formats
Effective ad reporting

See your ads perform, in real time

A real time performance dashboard is available for each Kollega Ads campaign. Ad views, target audiences and ad impact can be inspected throughout the campaign. Ad dashboards make it easy to benchmark between different messages and content types and to plan ahead on building an effective campaign.

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Caroline Wikström
Caroline Wikström
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